A color filter can be used with a Paint to modify the color of each pixel drawn with that paint. This is an abstract class that should never be used directly.

Subclasses of ColorFilter class

  • ColorMatrixColorFilter
  • LightingColorFilter
  • PorterDuffColorFilter


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Part 5:

101. —– for the money management seminar will be forwarded to all the managers tomorrow.

(A) Invite

(B) Invitations

(C) Inviting

(D) Invitation


102. The employee-of-the-year prizes will be awarded to employees who demonstrated —– contribution to the company’s overall sales.

(A) whole

(B) inclusive

(C) exceptional

(D) multiple


103. Those who have questions concerning fringe benefits are advised to consult —– employee handbook.

(A) their

(B) they

(C) themselves

(D) theirs


104. The summary contains not only a technical —– but also solutions to adverse effects of urban renewal developments.

(A) description

(B) attention

(C) information

(D) mistake


105. The conference’s keynote speaker addressed —– impacts of digital technology on the current music industry.

(A) variety

(B) variably

(C) variation

(D) various


106. Documents with a secret nature are —– retained in each director’s safety deposit box.

(A) relatively

(B) slightly

(C) usually

(D) vaguely


107. The fitness club —– a steadily increasing number of customers and is eager to develop new programs.

(A) see

(B) seen

(C) seeing

(D) has seen


108. The job fair held in the City Center last week is considered the most —– one so far, with over 3,000 people in attendance.

(A) overall

(B) successful

(C) wealthy

(D) delighted


109. The effects of affordable housing —– in rural areas will be discussed at the conference.

(A) develops

(B) developing

(C) development

(D) developed


110. Because the annual budget report must be submitted —– the end of the month, employees are busy calculating figures.

(A) on

(B) between

(C) by

(D) except


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